Appeal to Self

There is no doubt that our world has shifted. Changes occurred on various levels of our experience – from the physical, social, economic to relationship, dreams and expectations. What is happening now is us adjusting to the shift.

Some find it easy and others not. Some are grateful and others not. Some are excited, while others see only doom and gloom.

These polarities in experience bring us back to the age-old question: What makes some people resilient and others so hopeless?

Perhaps it is a question we should all be asking ourselves. “Am I resilient and a pleasure to be around, or am I the one that is rather avoided because of my attitude?” The questions all boil down to one big BIG enquiry, “HOW AM I BEING NOW?”

We are human beings, so our power comes from our states of being. How are you showing up, right now?

Getting back to the original question, I’d like to offer an observation.

Over the years of helping people I’ve noticed that resilient ones are the people who have a real desire to overcome whatever they are going through and are willing to take full responsibility for their lives. Resilient people do not blame. Resilient people have hope and know that they are part of something way bigger than themselves. People who adapt with joy are those who understand that they can actually live from the inside out, instead of the outside in. This means that they understand how they are being in any moment, directly impacts their own perceptions and those of others. Positive beings attract other positive beings, and negatives attract negatives.

Stepping into your power means looking inward and having the courage to face whatever you may find in there. Once a person is willing to take this first step, the most exciting journey of your life will begin. You will find many aspects and facets of yourself. You will experience yourself fully and then comes the cherry on the cake by you owning all of you.

Our psychological and emotional problems come from denying some aspects and facets that for some reason are too painful to face, leading to fragmentation of Self. It is only through loving, compassionate and graceful introspection or self-inquiry that we can become powerful enough to own ourselves, and when we own something we are fully responsible for it.

Our attitudes, choices, relationships, health, work, etc. become ours and leaves absolutely no room for the blame game. Many people know this is possible and would love to live this way, but are not willing to do the work it requires to be this way.

Does it take courage? Immense courage. Is it difficult? Absolutely. Is it worth it? Without a doubt. Will you ever want to go back once you have ventured here? Never.

This little virus has undeniably brought about the most incredible shift, which, when embraced, will lead to a magnificent new manner of living. Humans are connecting and loving and communicating in forms that we haven’t seen before. If we want to contribute to our evolution, we have to step up. There is no choice anymore – step up or step out.

The appeal to Self is: ARE YOU WILLING?