As the Master does

People often ask me what it means to master Life. Of course, it is a question that requires deep thought and reflection, yet I believe the answer is simpler than we think.

Let’s take a step back and see what causes us so much pain and distress, and then find the opposite.

Our difficulties come from struggling, resisting and forcing outcomes to be as we want them to be. In the struggle we lose ourselves, our joys and our peace. The opposite way of being is then to allow Life to unfold as it will.

Allowing Life takes up far less energy. Our religions and wisdom traditions all teach us that we cannot control Life. All will happen in its time. There is a time for everything. We have been given these words for a very good reason – TO ENJOY LIFE AS WE ARE LIFE.

To master Life, something very important needs to be understood: the master waits patiently, for he knows the right people will come at the right time and his input will be perfect. A master doesn’t chase after others or money or fame. A master is a master, after all.

Not for a second do I suggest we shouldn’t participate in Life; in fact, our participation is key for Life to unfold in glorious, unexpected directions. The next question is then, how does one participate as a master does? This question also requires thought and reflection, yet it can be so simple – with love and excitement and humour. Haven’t we been told to be like a child? So how are children? They ask questions, become excited and amused by even the smallest little things, they naturally love all of Life, people, animals, insects. They eat only when hungry, they play, they sing and dance. They love their little bodies and are fearless.

We have been told to become like little children again. Might this be what is meant when asked to be twice born? I think so.

Imagine a world where we can play and trust and Love without reservation! Imagine how your Life will be if you could be like a little child again – of course, you would have the experience and wisdom of an adult, but the innocence and joy and Love of a little child.

Take some time out and observe a two-year old interacting and going about her business. Do it with purpose, uninterrupted and with the distinct idea of learning something about living fully. Hear her laugh, listen to her sing, see how she plays in the mud and has bugs for friends. Look at the quality of her entertainment, feel her full-being hug, copy her wonder at learning something new.

For she allows Life to happen as Life happens. She trusts that she is cared for and wakes up every morning with a song.

Who then is the master? The learned adult on medication, wishing for the drama to end and fighting for love and control, or the two-year old who sings and laughs and plays?

As the master waits for people to come to him, the child waits for people to come to her. As we give, we receive.

Is it possible to become like a child again? Absolutely. Will this bring mastery? It cannot be any other way.