Beauty and us

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself consistently experiencing beauty all around me. Isn’t it truly overwhelming to be blessed with five physical senses that work perfectly?

Beauty and senses inevitably go together, as our senses were perfectly designed to allow us to experience whatever is placed outside of us, so that we can uniquely and independently form our own perceptions about it. The way we perceive things, nudges our minds to attach a specific emotion to it, so, how we feel about something or someone, is completely up to us!

I think the feeling called ‘appreciation’ is felt when we perceive beauty, so the more appreciation we have, the more beauty we experience.

This brings me to the question of ‘which comes first – chicken or egg?’ Feeling or perception?

I actually think they take turns and influence one another. It is hard to imagine anyone not wanting to experience beauty in themselves, others and the world, so perhaps if we have a mind-trick to increase this desired experience, we can consciously focus on – and create – more beauty! This actually is quite simple, because appreciation is a feeling and also an attitude. As we have the ability to choose our attitudes, we can thus easily chóóse appreciation, and filter all incoming data through this lens. And now we get to the magic, as our perceptions will be adjusted accordingly. Our minds can now only focus on those aspects we appreciate most, then the feeling of appreciation will automatically be attached to whatever the mind is busy with. A simple change in attitude can cause us to see and feel more beauty in our lives!

Beauty is quite a prominent theme in Springtime, because of the renewal we see in life, nature, people, love, and of course, the Michelangelo Wine Awards!

Is art beauty? To some I suppose. For others not. Art is seen as beautiful only by those who appreciate what they are experiencing – it’s in the eye of the beholder.

To create is a process where skill, passion and desire are combined, to put something new out there in the world that has never been there before. Artists are amazing at perceiving aspects of reality in different ways than non-artists do, and they also have the ability to show us their perceptions through their chosen mediums, be it clay, words, paint, movement, relationships or elements of nature.

Wine makers are also artists. To me, it seems as though they perceive grapes as little things with huge potential and raw material for their products, but, something has to happen inside of these wine makers before the grape can be transformed. They must first have the desire to create, also the skill, intuition and knowledge of how the little humble grape can change form, passion for their craft, and the patience to wait for nature, so their unique medium can be put out there for the world to appreciate.

Of course we get different attitudes in consumers of wine, as with anything else in the world, but this makes the appreciator’s appreciation so much more beautiful. I’m convinced that this appreciated (wine maker) also appreciates the appreciator even more. This symbiotic relationship makes for a wonderful industry where beauty is created and revered – in relationships, in nature, in craft and in work.

Cheers to all the artists! Cheers to all the appreciators! Cheers to the appreciated!