When adversity calls, then lessons are learnt.


Lessons that are invariably difficult but also enriching.


We are taught the lessons that in difficult times some people whom you thought friends will turn their backs on you and completely ignore you, others who were and are the real friends come through in an exemplary fashion and what is even more thought provoking, there are those people whom you did not even expect to show support, who show up unexpectedly and shine through like a blinding light.


Then there are those who under the guise of help, albeit not friendship, will abuse your weakened position for their own selfish advantages and think nothing of it, like a sociopath rumbling through life at the expense of others.


Deep heartache and treachery prevail when past friends not only turn their backs on you, but also judge you even whilst lacking all the true facts, or those who as a journalist under the false pretense of a past friendship tries to extract information from you purely for their own selfish benefit.


Is this the world that we have come to live in? Maybe it is just people being people as they have been for thousands of years? I do not believe there is a quantifiable answer to this dilemma nor do I believe human nature will ever change.


The most valuable lesson is to appreciate those who come through and give you their support in whatever form or feature it may take, and to be truly appreciative of the blessing that you receive, not only by the support but also for the opportunity to get rid of those who were never your friends to begin with.