The beauty of Hope

What do people need? What do people need?

This question kept on popping into my mind when mulling over ideas for a topic to write about. We need hope.

Hope spans culture, gender, race and age. Hope is the one thing all humans have in common. We hope for truth, we hope for freedom. We hope for love, we even hope for hope. Where there is hope there is life.

People have many different levels from which we experience life. Working from the outside inward, layers we connect and move through, are our environment, our behaviour, skills and capabilities, beliefs, sense of identity and very deep, at our core, is our oneness or sense of connection to the Divine.

Even though these layers are connected and merge somewhat, we have the capability to define and identify from where we ground our identity and thus, our experience. When we believe we world ‘out there’ determines the quality of the deeper layers, we are living as victims and feel isolated. This is a sad and very disempowering place to be. We develop conditions and lose hope. In this hopelessness people give their power away.

When we understand that our core, our sense of connection to something bigger, offers a stable, internal base to ground our beliefs and experience in, we will always have hope.

It is when people think they are alone that fragmentation of individuals, families, cultures and nations happen. The problem with fragmentation is that each fragment, or part, pulls and pushes into its own direction, disregarding the hopes and needs of the other parts. Each part wants to win an imaginary competition. The system becomes disorganized and chaotic, not being able to reach common goals, or make things better for all the parts.

On the other hand, when the fragments share and talk to find commonalities, like hope, we experience connection, we share in the dream and we work together. The system that is us, becomes resilient, dynamic and supporting of life for all its parts.

In other words, living in a system in which we share hope, becomes a system where life supports life. A system that focuses on the good for all its parts, because the creep of fragmentation denies health.

The wine industry has many macro and micro challenges. We cannot control the macro, for the simple reason that it is created by many dynamic living systems influencing one another. I think it is important rather ask the questions of “how can I make a difference?”, “what do I have to contribute?”, “what do I need to be aware of in others?”, because individuals create individually, and collectives create collectively. What are we creating?

My hope is for people to share their stories of hope, the good stuff, and an accompanying awareness of how important it is to hold space for others. When we hold space for others and their ideas, people feel safe, heard and that they matter.